River Park Hotel in Novosibirsk
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Single room
from 4250 rubles
from 4750 rubles
from 5950 rubles
Business studio
from 6250 rubles
"Mira" thermal center
We cooperate with "Mira" - the center of healthy rest. All our guests can buy the certificate on three-hour visit with a discount
We appreciate your time and take care of you from the very first minute of your being in our city. Take an opportunity to use our transfer.
We always glad to see city visitors and residents in our restaurant. Have a lovely time by yourself or in a fine bunch.

River Park 3* Hotel is a small island of cosiness in the centre of Novosibirsk.

River Park is the best three-star hotel according to website We are located in the cozy beautiful place on a recently reconstructed Mikhaylovskaya Promenade where it is easy to get to any place in the city. The taxi is always waiting around the hotel. The picturesque view of the Ob River and a panorama of the city is seen from rooms on the upper floors. The building of a hotel itself impresses with a majestic architecture in the style of the Soviet neoclassicism.

River Park Hotel is:

We created special conditions for clients who cares about their health and nutrition:

Come to visit us! Novosibirsk and River Park Hotel are waiting for you.