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Training hall

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New training halls in the River Park Hotel

An annual report, seminar or training for up to 30 people can be conducted with comfort and ease! Get a chance to use the renovated training halls at the River Park Hotel. These are completely reconstructed spaces of 36 m2, which could be transformed according to your wishes. The equipment of the halls is mobile and provides several seating options for different events. "Class", "round table" or "amphitheater" seating will allow you to assign the participants of the event as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Creating projects of our new training halls we relied on your wishes.

Offer advantages:

  • New heating and air conditioning system,
  • Powerful WI-FI signal, as well as the possibility of connecting a dedicated Broad Band WL,
  • New laser projector: a clear, contrasting picture will convey your presentation materials as accurately as possible in any lighting and at any time of the day,
  • Control the curtains, sound, lighting and temperature in the room via Smart Home from the touch screen. One click on the screen can change the lighting level, adjust the air temperature etc,
  • On vertical panels you can write or place printed materials,
  • The training hall can be equipped with a flipchart according to your needs, including a novelty - an electronic flipchart, which allows you to instantly send the image to the participants or broadcast the image from any gadget connected by Bluetooth,
  • We can provide notebooks, pens and pencils for each participant, as well as bottled water or cooler.

We developed a convenient charging system. Full business day (8 hours) or half business day (4 hours) - you can choose your price by timing of the event. Take advantage of the hotel 's banquet service. You can order coffee break, buffet reception, business lunch (or dinner) and certainly a banquet for a presentable end of the event. In addition, we offer flexible accommodation at the River Park Hotel for the participants of conferences and seminars. Come and evaluate our new training halls personally.

We can send a detailed presentation on the possibilities of our innovations at your request.