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Sauna of the River Park Hotel

Oasis of health and relax inside our hotel. It is divided into several zones:

  • Sauna with a dry steam. Everything as you like: wooden walls and plank beds. Hot steam heats a body and a soul: the bath improves the general health and cheer you up.
  • The Turkish bath (hammam) with wet vapor. A royal relax on the marble plank beds in the neon lights. Wet vapor and floating clouds in hammam create pleasant relaxing atmosphere - exactly what you need for the stress relief.
  • The illuminated marble pool. Plunge into a cool water right after a steam room. The pool is equipped with a geyser for a hydromassage and the illumination system. Colors constantly change, creating beautiful visual effect.
  • Billiards. The cozy mini-living room with leather sofas, the Russian billiards and the plasma TV.
  • Lunch zone with a kitchen corner. A sink, electric kettle, kitchenware and kitchen appliances are at your disposal. There is a set for a tea drinking – a samovar, brand-name tea and the range of honey and jam. It is possible to order dishes from the menu of the River Park restaurant.

Capacity is up to 10 people, hourly pay, depends only on a season.

At the moment – 2000 rubles per hour.